Kneel Before the Master's Throne - (LP) 2010

01. Satanic Speed Metal
02. The Sirens Call
03. King of Kings
04. Lord of the Wild
05. Ghost Dance
06. Taste the Poison
07. Levens Bloed
08. Through the Broken Pentagram
09. See You in Hell

12" Gate-Fold LP, featuring lyrics, liner notes, pictures and is limited to 1000 copies.

There is a coloured edition only available from from Kneel Before the Master's Throne and a special coloured tour-edition only available from the band at their European gigs.

K.K. Warslut - Vocals, guitars
Shrapnel - Guitars
Mersus - Battery
M.Razor - Bass

Satanic Speed Metal

SS Metal

Gather round me all my friends
We'll raise the banner raise some hell
Gettin' boozed up to fight the fight
We won't stop 'til we see the light

I saw the satanic plague
spread around the world
I was born to invert the cross
and scorn the name of jesus christ
Yes I was!!

Satanic Speed Metal!
Satanic Speed Metal!
I fuckin want it!
Satanic Speed Metal!
I fuckin need it!
Satanic Speed Metal!

The years have passed, I'm so much older
A little wilder, a little colder
Whiskey, metal, leather, sex
Traditions upheld these years to the next

I saw the satanic plague
Spread around the world
Cruisin at a thousand miles per hour
Feel the rush of the SS metal power

The Siren's Call

Upon the seas of discotent,
beware the visions we invent,
You know, you know it's right,
don't choose your women by candle light

Your soul...
Is gripped by...
Fuck her hard...
Beware....the Sirens Call

Beware the calling that calls your name,
Beware the maiden that does the same,
The lies of gold your heart can weave
Beware the bitch who will deceive


One thing that I've learned,
love and lust can get burned
what's the price you will pay,
when from yourself you can't escape

When your dreamin', your guard is down
Didn't see her comin' round
Now your playin' the same ol' game
Different faces, but it's all the same


King of Kings

Evolution, forever unbound,
robe of stars, a genetic crown,
Architect of endless skies,
In man's son, our destiny lies,


The King of Kings!
Bold conqueror's sire!

Our revolution, has just begun,
Our eternal chant, forever as one!


King of Kings!
King of Kings!
King of Kings!
King of Kings!

All hail the King of Kings

So let us break into a new world,
Far beyond these shores!

Christ deluded,
Drudgery slaves,
Forever hold back,
Promethean flame,

So let us make,
A new man to break,
Into the void,
Universal chase,

Salvation is survival,
and survival is the sword,

All hail the King of Kings

Light the Promethean flame!
Light the Promethean flame!

The Prince of strife am I,
My legions roar for treasure,
My trumpets blow the challenge,
Across the skies my banners flame, home

Lord of the Wild

Night riders across the sky,
Midnight sun, black and light,
Lord of the wild and living stars,
Black magic souls and Master of Death,

Prowl in my spirit with black tongue of fire,
Terror, ecstasy and desire,
Hatred and heaven, calling to me:
"Lord of the Wild will set you free"

I am a child of the Shadows,
Woman of the night, I'll set you free!

You're in your own solitude,
But there is no loneliness in you,
As night draws near it's your turn to see,
You Dark spirit are with me!

"I am the Lord of the Wild"

(Based loosely on the poem Black Magic by Rose Norton)

Ghost Dance

Come to the ritual, they say it'll save our souls
Make the demon go away - not so grim and cold
Come and meet your maker, come and sing his praise
Dance onto your death, dance onto your graves

So you've come to give your life to a god with a knife
(But guns strike back at you)
You beat the earth with blood and toil
Dust rises and when it falls...
(Death shall greet you all!)

Fall to the sound of thunder
Cracks the sky it rains
Your gods are crying blood
Red stains the earth and it's stench
Lurks up from the blood stained death!

So your sons and daughters lay there dead
And old you watch in fear and dread
Yet those who escaped the fire
Will live to tell of the Ghost Dance Liar

But don't believe this story's new
It's going on and always will
The greater force subjugates the meek
One day the strong will be the weak

Come to the ritual, they say it'll save our souls
Make the demon go away - not so grim and cold
Come and meet your maker, come and sing his praise

Dance onto your death, dance onto your graves

So you've come to give your lives to a god with a knife.....

Taste the Poison

Come in, sit down, Your knees on the ground
Woman you hate, Woman you hate your inno-
Sense its racing, pulse is pacing, Bite marks tracing
Track marks down your bleeding neck

Is it your skin, your hips, your lips, your touch on my prick,
Or the vision of cum on your lips?
Exciting my flesh, Hot lust breath is waiting,
Taste the poison Demoness!

Woman, your sex is like a cult to me,
Ritualistic Ecstasy!
My teeth, I rip your throat, I lick your pain, I suck
In the heat of the wolflust fuck
Suck me, break you, take you, make me want you
Woman, It's what i want from you
Feelin' it, Breathe it, I know you need it
Its electric, Shock you, fuck you
Is it your skin, your taste, your sex
Your blood, your breast?
Taste my Poison oh Demoness!

Levens Bloed

Wolvin zuigt het levens bloed
Ik ben de vuur namer

The fire it burns in you
And if theres blood, you'll take it too
So blood is the life, such blood is true
And it feels to me just like fire

Karmozyn van haar scheede