Transmission V

28 April 2016

Well,what to say about a tour…its said whats happens on the road stays on the road,and perhaps thats why I dislike folks standing there with their fkn phones pointed at you like cows plugged into the fkn matrix when real life is occurring right before their sheepish eyes.

But,never the less,some things do outlast that vital live moment,things like the understanding and bonds created between men with a job to do when they’re forced into the small confines of a tour bus.Understanding, boundaries and borders that can and cant be crossed between us, and at the end a love, respect and admiration for each others skills and talents,their perseverance and persistence when yours is waning,their humour when yours is lost,their positivity when your seeing life thru a welders mask. In short, a bond of brotherhood.

Its something that the various members of the years felt with Revenge and Watain. A common understanding,if not on everything( and who could really expect such a thing?),then at least the essentials.Its an acceptance of ones place within a pack, an overcoming of the petty ego squabbles of all wanting to be the alpha male at once. Theres a strength in such humility in the face of traits we admire in others.Far from surrender it feels like victory.It feels like the wolf-pack in vivid voracious crimson colours.Like the smell of napalm in the morning. Its this brotherhood which I believe effects folks on tour more than anything.And its that that stays with you as a man.Its those things that helped to mould you to a better and stronger individual ,to remind you that life is short and folks do depart us at any time and the stronger our love for our brothers ,the more value and worth we imbue our lives with. It is what Ive sung and written about for longer than I care to remember: Wolf-pack.

To the casual observer you may not see much more than shit-slingin bastards being utter cunts to each other, but look beneath the near-constant harange of verbal machine gun fire and youll see what Im speaking about. Having said all that,it would be careless of me not to mention at least a few crowds whos manic participation made the shows something special.Its afir to say every shows was a success for us,even little Leeuwarden,but the following fine folks were of particular note:So to Tilburg, Paris,Wroclaw, Ljubljana and Brescia we salute you! On other news Destroyer can finally announce our Oz Wildfire Tour.Its been 6 years since our last visit and long overdue.

And lastly there a whole bunch of new merch available, none of which couldnt be available so cheaply and so expertly done without Sevan from Ravensblack Merchandising. Support the Wolfpack!

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