Transmission I

08 January 2016

New track from the upcoming album album Wildfire released.
Live ‘n’ Burn mother fuckers

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Transmission III

15 July 2015

Destroyer announce re-signing to Season of Mist Records.
“Believing it is preferable to go with the devil you know, DESTRÖYER 666 have signed for the next album with Season of Mist.


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Transmission II

30 October 2014

Destroyer’s 1997 album Unchain the Wolves has finally been re-released on vinyl by the inimitable VAN Records. As usual with VAN,theyve pulled out all the stops and made something quite special. – KK

Contact Ván Records.

– new artwork by Zbigniew Bielak
– gatefold jacket with golden print
–….

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Transmission I

27 October 2014

Destroyer666 have been confirmed for Blastfest 2015.
Also, new hoodies and girly shirts in stock now.

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